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Mortar contains a homopteran growth regulator insecticide with the inhibition of chitin biosynthesis, type 1 mode of action. Resistance to this and other group 16 insecticides could develop from excessive use. To minimise this risk use strictly in accordance with the label instructions. Avoid using group 16 insecticides

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Pylon® is a knockdown insecticide for a range of pests on the following crops: kiwifruit, avocados, apricots, peaches, grapes, citrus, vegetables and ornamentals. Urban and industrial pest control is also approved. The active in Pylon® is 28 g/L pyrethrins, a valuable tool with a …

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Mortar Insecticide (Label) is a Device Trademark filed on 23 May 2014 with ApplicationID 2742812 in Delhi, Delhi IP Office. The Trademark was registered to

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Trademark Details. This Brand Name MORTAR INSECTICIDE (LABEL) is applied by Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. who has a business location at 82, Abhinash Mansion, Joshi Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi â 110 005 as per this application.. This Trademark was applied on date 23 May 2014. This Application has been filed by their agent THE ACME COMPANY

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Innovative Pest Protection. Movento ® insecticide features powerful, two-way movement that moves within plants to protect them from a broad range of insects, mites and nematodes above and below the ground, creating highly pest-resistant plants and healthier crops.

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Applaud Insecticide at label rates of 30 to 60 mL/100 L water has been demonstrated to be safe to a range of predatory and beneficial insects including bumblebees and honeybees, parasitoid wasps such as Aphytis lignanensis, Leptomastix dactylopii and Encarsia spp., predatory

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Spinetoram is the second active ingredient in the spinosyn series of insecticides manufactured and formulated by Dow AgroSciences. Spinetoram is a mixture of 3’-O-ethyl-5,6-dihydro spinosyn J and 3’-O-ethyl spinosyn L. Spinetoram is formulated as a water dispersible (WG) granule or as a suspension concentrate (SC). Formulations are

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View labels, MSDS, and other safety information for Movento Insecticide, a 2-way systematic & broad-spectrum control of many sucking pests in a wide range of crops.

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Lorsban® Advanced insecticide uses innovative technology to produce a low-odor water-based formulation that offers superb versatility to control a variety of pests across numerous crops. ... In Mississippi, refer to the Lorsban Advanced product label for use restrictions on certain crops. Always read and follow label directions. Connect with us:

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1/27/2016 · Learn about CimeXa™ Insecticide Dust from Rockwell Labs and the application techniques you will need to use the product effectively. CimeXa Insecticide Dust is the premier industry-leading ...

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8/4/2011 · To make a natural insecticide, start by puréeing garlic and distilled water in a food processor. Then, continue adding distilled water and puréeing the mixture until the garlic is fully liquified. Alternatively, boil some dry chili peppers in a gallon of water for 15 minutes.

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Details of Trademark filed for Insecticide. Goods and Services: PREPARATION FOR KILLING WEEDS AND DESTROYING VERMIN, INSECTICIDES, PES...

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Syngenta have a well-established, comprehensive product portfolio that covers all turf markets from golf courses and bowling greens to council parks and sports fields. The breadth of coverage and proven performance of all products make Syngenta the preferred partner for protecting valuable turf – regardless of species, season or situation.Our full range is available from PGG Wrightsons Turf ...

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Lorsban 50EC Insecticide controls many sucking and chewing insects in fruit crops, vine crops, field crops and pasture.


GRANULAR INSECTICIDE Other Names: Bifenthrin. Use: A granular Insecticide for control of certain pests in turf; ... approved container and if unable to use as directed on the label, dispose of as listed in section 13. ... mortar, concrete and stone, and is also in the air and the soil. Processes which may give rise to airborne concentrations of

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CHESS is an insecticide for the control of Aphids on Lettuce, Potatoes, Tamarillos, Tomatoes, Vegetable Brassicas and Green Peach Aphid on Peaches and Nectarines, …

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INSECTICIDE Reg. No. L7451 Act No. 36 of 1947 Namibian Reg. No. N-AR 0899 Before using this product read the label carefully. A suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of ants and the protection of buildings against subterranean wood destroying termites. Only for sale to and use by registered pest control operators.


the product container, label or Material Safety Data Sheet with you when calling Syngenta, a poisoncontrol cent re or doctor, or going for treatment. Tell the person contacted the complete product name, and the type and amount of exposure. Describe any symptoms and follow the advice given. Call the Syngenta Emergency Line [1-800-327-8633 (1-800-


Product Name: BRIGADE GRANULAR INSECTICIDE Page 4 of Total 5 Issued: March 2006 FMC/BRIG/2 SECTION 11 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION (Continued) Crystalline silica - also known as silicon dioxide (SiO 2) - is the basic component of sand, quartz and granite rock and is found in varying proportions in aggregates, sand, mortar,

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CimeXa Insecticide Dust is not labeled for application to bedding at all and should not be applied directly to bed sheets. Per the product label, for bed bug treatment: "Remove bedding and take the bed apart. Treat the interior framework, joints and cracks in the bed frame. Treat the mattress and box spring, paying particular attention to tufts, folds and edges, and the interior framework of ...