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138-3 2.2. Types of recycled Materials in use for Road Constructions 2.2.1 Plastic Wastes Most littered plastic are rich in polymers [21]. It can be used either as a stabilizing agent in soil and subgrade

The Use of Recycled Materials in Highway Construction

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With the evolution of the road industry and growing traffic on roads, construction materials have also been evolved and more unconventional ingredients have been incorporated.

PlasticRoad - A revolution in building roads

The PlasticRoad concept consists of a prefabricated, modular and hollow road structure based on (recycled) plastics. The prefabricated production, the light weight and the modular design of the PlasticRoad make construction and maintenance faster, simpler and more efficient compared to traditional road structures.

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15/4/2015 · Compilers Dirk E. Hebel, Marta H. Wisniewska and Felix Heise looked into the worlds of architecture, construction, and the delightfully named field of "garbology" to find new and exciting materials made out of stuff you'd normally find at a landfill site.

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The benefits and methods of using recycled or reclaimed materials in your construction project

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Often the materials used on construction sites are a mixture of virgin materials and those that already contain a level of recycled materials. However, there are simple, yet effective changes you can make to your operations to allow more waste to be recycled.

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5/3/2019 · All these materials are stacked along the road side before its construction starts. The quantity of screening required per 100 sq.m of road surface is 30 cubic meter. The quantity of screening required per 100 sq.m of road surface is 30 cubic meter.


ANIL KUMAR J, et al, International Journal of Research Sciences and Advanced Engineering [IJRSAE] TM Volume 2, Issue 16, PP: 149 - 153, OCT-DEC’ 2016.

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Definition of recycled materials. Recycled materials are considered to be any materials that have been taken from the waste stream and reprocessed and re-manufactured to form part of a new product.

Recycled Plastic Building and Construction Materials Trade

Recycled plastic Lumber and Synthetic Wood The Ideal Replacements for Wood in Construction and Building . Kedel manufacture both the recycled plastic planks and beams from British Waste Plastic, as well as making many finished products with it.